The Benefits of Employee Recognition

benefits of employee recognition

We found amazing insights when we analyzed how technology revolutionized recognition in the workplace: Decentralized interactions.

To understand this think about how some companies in the past (and some still do) used to recognize their best employees. Usually this was made only once a year, at the end of the year party (or some similar event). This successful employee was selected by the top management only or in some cases, they gave other employees the possibility to vote, but eventually the final decision was made by the top management.

So how is it done now?

Digital platforms like StarMeUp allow the employees to immediately congratulate each other when they feel that someone is making a difference. Anyone can take the decision to recognize a peer, at the moment they feel like it.

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The positive impact of this is so big that that is why we call it a major breakthrough:

Real time recognition

One important reason why employees leave organizations is feeling undervalued. Being recognized for a job well done reinforces this good actions and behaviors. This is especially important for the younger generations and could result in a big cost reduction for the company: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, turnover can cost an organization 33 percent of an employee’s total compensation, including wages and benefits. Also, as the recognition is by everyone and to everyone, leadership roles can be more influential than ever: Approbation from others whose authority we respect serves to verify our sense of inner worth.

The corporate values in every employee’s hand

These are the very fabric of every person involved in the company — from executive team to brand new hire. When you let your employees recognize each other using your corporate values, you take all the time, money and effort that you put on defining those values and move them from the poster on the wall to the hand of every collaborator.

It creates an upward spiral

This may be the most important point. In a society where people helping one another is the societal norm, there is a reduction of anxiety and stress. Fostering interactions based on positive appraisal creates a better environment for everyone involved: the role of community that is built through prosocial behavior builds social capital which creates the most reliable source of happiness.

What people don’t usually think about is this: It feels good to be recognized, but it also feels good to recognize someone. This Decentralized interactions where everyone praises each other is not only good for all the ones involved but also for the company’s culture. It helps to bring up the best and leave the old bad habits behind.

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