Game Of Thrones: 8 Key Skills to Lead in Difficult Times


The business world is experiencing times  of ambiguity and uncertainty. This projects a complex scenario for companies that do not foresee a structural transformation, both in business and productivity models, and in workforce management.

An important generational change – by 2020, 35% of the global human talent will be Millennial – new global markets in countries with emerging economies, an exponentially advancing technological transformation, new types  of employment – distance work a.k.a. remote work, freelance – to be assumed by the new roles of an increasingly globalized and multicultural labor market, will be  some of the complex changes  organizations will face in the short and medium term.

In this scenario where there is plenty of doubt and uncertainty, is where the function  of the leaders of each company plays a key role in the management of the work teams oriented towards the achievement of strategic objectives. According to a Harvard Business Publishing study, there are eight essential skills that leaders must identify and develop in order to discover great opportunities hidden in this complex business world.

We can find similarities in the struggle for the throne of the seven realms. We can observe this context of great paradigmatic changes that produce an environment of uncertainty, where leaders must have strong leadership skills to be able to awaken in their warriors an inspiration that motivates them to give their life for them.

8 Skills That Every Leader Must Identify And Develop

Manage Complexity 

Leadership positions should be able to maintain an overall view and always be alert to change indicators. It is essential that they understand the organization as a complex system, in order that  they foresee the conflict and form specialized work teams to solve any type of problem within the organization. Less than 33% of leaders demonstrate confidence in their conflict management skills.

Tyrion slaps King Joffrey
Joffrey Baratheon never lived up to his position. In the face of trivial conflicts, he reacted irrationally and not very strategically. Example of what not to do.

Leverage Networks

It is essential that leadership role systematically develops strategic alliances to achieve the stated objectives. A leader should make the most of allied information to solve complex organizational problems. An effective leader who stands out for networking are also great contributors, a scarce and highly valued skill.

Dany and Jon Snow Join Forces
Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, two great leaders, understand that in order to defeat the White Walker Army, it is essential to join forces and fight a strategic battle in the conquest of the seven kingdoms.

Manage Global Business

By 2025, half of the Fortune 500 companies will be base in new emerging markets. In 200, only 5% of these companies had this characteristic. It will be key to identify and capitalize on business opportunities within these sectors, incorporating tactics specific to each region.

Jamie and Cersei Westeros Map
Cersei Lannister ordered to paint the map of the whole world to be able to observe every corner of the seven realms and thus to plan a strategy of war leaving nothing to chance.


Inspire Engagement

To generate employee commitment, it is crucial to foster a culture that connects the values of the organization with the needs of the workers. Providing a good work environment increases the productivity of employees and predisposes them to give an extra effort in their daily tasks. Only 13% of employees around the world feel committed to their organization; This directly impacts the retention of talent.

Jon Snow asks the Wildlings to fight for him
Jon Snow managed to unite the Guard of the Night and the Wildings in a desperate attempt to stop the White Walkers. A born leader who managed to inspire engagement in his historical rivals.

Act Strategically

The professional with leadership responsibilities must be able to create strategies and alliances to capture emerging opportunities on face unexpected challenges. In addition to creating them, they must know how tu communicate this strategic vision to all employees. Seventy-one percent of respondents said their leaders are not prepared to run forward-looking organizations.

Skills of An Effective Leader
Daenerys relied on Tyrion Lannister, a member of the family who murdered his father. However, he managed to see beyond rivalry and understood that his vision, resentment and knowledge could be critical to achieving his goal: The Iron Throne.

Cultivate Learning Agility

A leader must constantly seek out and learn from new experiences and opportunities to discover new approaches and acquire new skills. The ability to synthesize information, to analyze conflicts is key in the constant search for lessons, both un success and failure. Organizations that have leaders that can be effectively managed in an adverse context are 20% more likely to hace a better financial performance.

Samwell Tarly
Samwell Tarly was sent by Jon Snow to become Grand Master, and nothing and no one will prevent Sam from discovering how to defeat the White Walkers.

Foster Innovation

To make a difference, a leader must build reliable and sustainable innovation process over time, as well as a collaborative and creative environment that enables employees to harness their capabilities and encourages then to discover new ways to achieve success within the organization. Three out of four executives think their companies lack the kind of ideas they need to drive employee growth.

Jon Snow Kills a White Walker
Finding out that Valyrian iron was the key to defeating White Walkers, Jon Snow will not rest until he has achieved an innovation in his armament to defeat his greatest threat.

Develop Personal Adaptability

It is key to have the ability to stay focused in times of uncertainty and ambiguity, and to develop resilience to overcome situations of stress, failure and adverse results, to remain focused on the objectives.
60% of CEO´s believe that adaptability ti change is the greater skill needed for leadership.

(GoT) Arya Stark // Strike Me Down


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