Technology Enhancing Humanity

Future of Work
Digital transformation initiatives too often leave out a key stakeholder: employees

Digital transformation is a disruptor that is leaving no industry unturned. Nearly eight out of 10 companies are in the process of digital transformation, according to AppDirect’s 2018 Digital Economy Report. But, the vast majority of those same companies implementing digital transformation initiatives—nine out of ten—are facing significant obstacles to success. While modern technologies are

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Customer Spotlight
What do the best companies to work for in Argentina have in common? It may not be what you expect

For over 35 years, Great Place to Work® has been publishing the “Best Companies to Work for” lists in more than 50 countries around the world.

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Workplace Trends
Top 2019 HR trends to keep on your radar

HR leaders can no longer afford to slate planning for once a year. It is an ongoing process that is constantly evolving.

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Workplace Trends
AI-empowered digital HR practices: from trend to reality

Digital HR solutions are disrupting almost every HR management practice, from how companies measure and improve turnover, retention, and employee attrition, to talent acquisition and recruitment.

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People Analytics
Employee Turnover Rate and Everything You Should Know

The turnover rate is the total percentage of employees that leave the organization over a specific period of time due to any unforeseen circumstances.

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StarMeUp OS provides you with critical data and insights to drive successful transformations and create a high-performing work culture. Our technology fosters a high level of employee participation that forms a true sense of belonging, creating a strong social tissue throughout the organization.

From helping you better understand your organizational dynamics to empowering key players, AI and analytics are at the core of everything we do.

Can technology help our organizations be more human?

By StarMeUp OS / October 16, 2019