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Performance Management
How to create a feedback culture (even working remotely)

The abrupt and unplanned transition to a mass remote working model that forced most people to adapt to new work routines caused 49% of employees to feel that their productivity had decreased.  The alarming decline in productivity perceived by employees pinpoints the loss of clarity surrounding job expectations as companies scramble to adapt to the

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Customer Spotlight
Banking on a cultural transformation [Supervielle Group case study]

Following several acquisitions and simultaneous IPOs on the New York and Argentine stock exchanges, Grupo Supervielle—one of the fastest growing financial services companies in Argentina—found itself undergoing a fast-paced transformation. 

“Our evolution is occurring at an incredibly fast pace and our ability to transform our culture at the same speed is critical to our survival,” explains the bank’s head of human resources Santiago Batlle.

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Organizational Culture
Can technology help our organizations be more human?

Digitizing Emotions to Grow a Strong Corporate Culture

By Guibert Englebienne

We are living challenging times for any organization.

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Performance Management
How technology can help promote a growth mindset in your organization

Organizations with a growth mindset encourage employees to develop the abilities and skills they need to do their jobs.

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Future of Work
Digital transformation initiatives too often leave out a key stakeholder: employees

Digital transformation is a disruptor that is leaving no industry unturned. Nearly eight out of 10 companies are in the process of digital transformation, according to AppDirect’s 2018 Digital Economy Report.

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StarMeUp OS provides you with critical data and insights to drive successful transformations and create a high-performing work culture. Our technology fosters a high level of employee participation that forms a true sense of belonging, creating a strong social tissue throughout the organization.

From helping you better understand your organizational dynamics to empowering key players, AI and analytics are at the core of everything we do.

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A strong digital culture to lead change

By StarMeUp OS / June 4, 2020