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September 25, 2017

StarMeUp upgrades with new functionalities: Kudos, a feature for group  recognition, better search filters and a two step login. Check out this article to read more about StarMeUp latest improvements!

KUDOS – The Importance of Team Recognition

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With StarMeUp you can send stars to co-workers, but what about when you need to recognize a whole team, composed by many members? This is why we created Kudos: a new feature for group recognition.

As the old saying goes, a team is much more than the sum of its parts. It’s the synergy between individuals that make the whole group shine. In this scenario, Kudos is ideal for leaders and managers who want to recognize their teams. It’s a more traditional way of acknowledging, a complement of peer-to-peer recognition. Kudos adds another possibility amongst the features that StarmeUp offers.

Kudos Characteristics

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  • Optional…but highly recommended
    Each organization can easily activate Kudos module within the settings panel.

  • Configurable users
    The company can choose specific users who will be able to send Kudos. It is our recommendation to release the feature only for team leaders and managers, for the purpose of keeping Kudos limited. If Kudos is used selectively, its symbolic and it will be more valuable.  
  • Same functionality
    Every StarMeUp user has a limited amount of stars (recognitions) to give for a given period of time, or example 20 stars per month. Kudos count as stars, so if a user gives one Kudos, 19 stars will remain. Users can like and comment on Kudos the same way they do with individual recognition. They also count for the leaderboard.
  • Adaptable look and feel
    Each organization can adapt Kudos icons and colors to their own preference.

ADVANCED SEARCH – finding users becomes easier

starmeup advanced search


To remember names and searching for the right colleague can become pretty challenging in large organizations. For this reason, StarMeUp is adding advanced search filters: now users can look up other employees by area, position, team and even by task. Filters can be combined in order to reach more precise searches.

TWO STEP LOGIN – a more comfortable and secure UX

The two step login improves the way that users log into the StarmeUp platform, by dividing the process into two stages:

  • First step: user enters their e-mail or identification.
  • Second step: the platform shows the authentication method chosen by the organization.

This methodology gives a better user experience while reinforcing security and privacy.

StarMeUp OS empowers employees to become the best versions of themselves, and become even more significant contributors to the organization, by helping them overcome natural human limitations through technology and AI. Start the digital transformation journey: Request a Live Demo Today!



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