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March 23, 2022

In case you didn’t know it, you have a great transformative power to shape the culture you are part of everyday. Yes, you can turn every value, behavior, and experience you share with your colleagues into a unique opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

The question is: Are you really aware of how meaningful your cultural impact can be?

Your Cultural Activity on StarMeUp

If you’re part of the StarMeUp community, you already know that our ultimate goal is to empower you to become a co-creator of organizational culture.

One of the key ways to make a difference in your colleagues day-to-day  is by shedding light on their values, behaviors and contributions. Every star you send has a direct emotional impact and, believe it or not, recognition is one of the key ingredients to be the co-creator of a healthier and more human work environment.  

Why Does Your Recognition Add So Much Value?

Recognition is based on the human act of giving and receiving, and it simply means making others feel visible and valued. It’s all about connecting emotionally by showing you care about who they are and what they do. 

The impact of recognition looks something like this:

Being part of this  evergreen process not only engenders a strong sense of security and belonging in yourself, it also gives you the power to encourage others to become their best version and feel a key player too

Think about this: At the end of the day, when we turn off our laptop, most of us take home some of the feelings that come out in the wash while interacting with the people at work. We are humans, permeable to emotions and we carry them everywhere we go. This means that, receiving good vibes and being part of a healthy and kind work environment translates into a happier and more peaceful life outside our jobs too.  

As you can see, when you become an active cultural member in an organization, you have the power to make a difference in yourself and impact the lives of other people inside and outside work

So that’s when the magic happens. You start building and shaping the organizational culture. 

Doesn’t it feel great to have such a powerful impact on the company and people’s lives? 

Now, It’s Your Call!

Unfortunately, for too long,  many people have let work get away from them and now work just for work. They’ve forgotten how the magic of work happens, and ignore how important recognition, human connections, and emotions are within a community.

So, here’s our friendly reminder from the StarMeUp community: Your colleagues matter as much as you matter to them. You are part of the organizational culture together, and you all have the power to shape the workplace you belong to. A 

Culture is the very purpose of StarMeUp’s existence and you are at the forefront of it.  You build it. You own it.  So, when you wake up every morning, remember you get the chance to make your peers happier in their jobs and hold your community together.

It’s your call now.  Start making it happen today.



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