Hashtags: #TheNewStarMeUpFeature


May 5, 2017

We are proud to announce that we have included in the latest releases of our web, Android and iOS versions hashtags support.

Why include hashtags?

Simple: hashtags is not only the most used method to categorize textual content in social media, but also the most easy and intuitive way to generate conversations when recognizing peers in StarmeUp and also across multiple platforms. They have transcend the online world and are becoming part of the daily language of people (especially millennials).

How does it work?

Users only have to include the hashtag symbol “#” before a word and it will automatically be considered a hashtag in any star or comment sent in StarmeUp. These # will work as filters so all stars with a hashtag can be grouped to watch the conversations grow.

What are they for?

As we said, hashtags are not only “the norm” in social media to categorize and provide “forum-like” features, but also a great tool to easily sense the topics people is using the recognize peers. Communities will be able to prioritize certain hashtags so they are highlighted for easy access and communication for their users. We call them “sponsored hashtags”.


What’s next?

In following releases we will be included stats modules so admin users will have access to more insightful information on how hashtags are being used in their communities.

We invite our users to start the #StarsRevolution using hashtags!

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