Organizational Culture: Are you an Influencer?


March 23, 2022

If you’re reading this, you’re surely part of StarMeUp; a community that empowers you to become a co-creator of organizational culture and the main driver of change.  

In this brief article, you’ll find out what it really means to become a cultural influencer at work and why having active participation in the co-creation of culture is crucial to promote and drive positive change in an organization.

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What Does it Mean to be a Cultural Influencer?


At StarMeUp, we call cultural influencers those employees who have the greatest impact on the organization in relation to their interactions on the platform

What type of interactions are we talking about? 

Sending stars to colleagues: This is a great way to show your colleagues you appreciate their contributions, respect them for their qualities and values, and want to make them feel visible. Appreciation and recognition to others are powerful motivators that will gradually make you a cultural influencer, as you’ll have a direct impact on their performance and morale while building a stronger and healthier community.

Sharing experiences through photos and videos: Everyone has a story and when we care about the people around us, we want to share it with them. Posting pictures or videos of memorable moments with your community on StarMeUp is key to connecting with them at an emotional level! 

Liking and/or commenting on others’ posts and recognitions: Taking the time to check out your colleagues’ recognitions and posts is a way to show you care about their achievements and stories. Every authentic comment, like, or brightened star is an amazing way to build a stronger connection with your community and make everyone more visible..

Remember: Your behavior and attitude are everything. The more you connect with your colleagues in ways that promote transparency and unity, the more you will impact their lives and the culture you are part of everyday. 

From Rising To Legendary. Make It To The Top!

The more you actively interact on the platform, the higher your category as an influencer will be. And guess what? The average employee transition to the highest cultural category (Legendary Influencer) is only 100 days
This shows you can start creating a visible change in the lives of your colleagues within a really short period of time.

Make an Impact from Day One

From your very first day at work, StarMeUp gives you the chance to start actively participating in the construction of culture with your team and leaders.

Start showing who you are from your onboarding and make the most of every feature of the platform to start making an impact and connecting at an emotional level during your very first week. After all, that’s what culture is all about. It’s about people – their vibe, their passions,  the way they interact with one another and build community together.  

“When I send a star, my intention is to recognize a colleague or a team for their great contribution or behavior. I want to make them feel visible for who they are and what they do, and that has a powerful emotional impact on them.”

Jorgelina Martinez Torales, Training and Development Coordinator at Arbusta.

So how about you start showing your voice and shining light on others today?  

Remember: When people know your personal backstory and you integrate your heart into your work, you have a greater cultural impact.

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