Technology Enhancing Humanity

Future of Work
Digital transformation initiatives too often leave out a key stakeholder: employees

Digital transformation is a disruptor that is leaving no industry unturned. Nearly eight out of 10 companies are in the process of digital transformation, according to AppDirect’s 2018 Digital Economy Report. But, the vast majority of those same companies implementing digital transformation initiatives—nine out of ten—are facing significant obstacles to success. While modern technologies are

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Future of Work
Change management: How to build an organizational culture that inspires innovation

Today’s job market is complex, competitive and global. We have become accustomed to talking about uncertainties as “opportunities,” and the inherent organizational changes needed as “challenges,” rallying to be “positive and proactive” in the face of change in the workplace.

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Organizational Culture
Understanding why people work to drive employee motivation

Many studies in the last decade show that employee motivation is based on a formula that combines financial and nonfinancial incentives.

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Organizational Culture
Well-being at work: Why technology has become your best ally

There is a broad consensus on the importance of workplace well-being and how well-being at work influences work environments, employee motivation and productivity in organizations.

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Future of Work
Don’t let the laggards sidetrack your technology adoption

Author Mark Grey said ‘A team is only as strong as its weakest link.’ The same can be said about technology adoption in companies.

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Can technology help our organizations be more human?

By StarMeUp OS / October 16, 2019