HR Trends 2022: Ready, Set, Go!


September 20, 2021

Written by María Eugenia Raffaele

Proactive people like you are already planning their next moves considering HR Trends. 2022 is shaping up to be a pivotal year. Only agile organizations that truly get to manage their culture will gain a competitive edge. How?  Find out in this catch-all article.

HR Trends 2022: Is It Possible to Refocus our Strategies in This Volatile Scenario?

Let’s get this straight: The world is emotionally and technologically agile, and so are organizations.

The disruption of Covid-19 has been a major transformational event for companies around the world. And the reason why many are still struggling to grow is that they have failed at responding to emerging needs on time.

So, as you read our article, bear this in mind:  HR trends for 2022 are not static. They are ever-changing and dynamic challenges. So we suggest you embrace the complex nature of our agile reality and become proactive enough to see HR trends as growth opportunities other than reasons to quit the game.  

What Will the World Scenario Look Like?

We’ve already said that the future of work is here. So the time to plan how to respond to emerging needs is now.

 First off, let’s be clear about what the volatile worldwide work context looks like:


With top CEOs announcing that their employees will be allowed to work remotely, companies have many challenges – and opportunities – ahead.

Human resources trends are taking the shape of 4 main challenges:


If you are in the mindset to play the long game, here’s our first suggestion: Keep moving and stay willing to change and break down the barriers in your workplace. The truth is you can do a lot to support your employees at work and outside of it. And your guiding light while moving forward is and will always be your culture. 

So let’s see the top 2022 HR trends you need to consider to start building a community committed to creating a better world of work.


2022 HR Trend #1: Attract and Retain Top Talent

Attracting and retaining your talent is anything but a new trend in HR, and it has been an ongoing concern for many organizations. The thing is, this challenge not only prevails but has also become a greater concern due to a record of 4 million people leaving their jobs in April 2021 – and numbers keep growing.

Most companies aren’t succeeding at attracting and retaining their digital-savvy employees mainly because they don’t know how to create an attractive environment for them. 

The first thing you need to find out is how your people feel, need, and think in order to take the right actions. They:


Proactive Tips:

If you are looking for useful trends in human resource management for 2022, we suggest you start planning an effective employee journey if you want to attract and retain top talent, and make them love the culture they are part of.

Need more insights? Find out how to make the most of the 3 crucial touchpoints in your employee’s life cycle in your company:

2022 HR Trend #2: Get Your Culture Right, And All Your Initiatives for 2022 Are Likely to Be Successful

Many organizations promote inspiring values such as integrity, trust, or empathy, among others. However, most of them fail at managing their culture and being coherent and consistent over time.


Proactive Tips:

You don’t build your culture by simply setting a list of organizational values.  It only comes to life when you can visualize and measure people’s needs, interactions, and level of engagement to promote the values you pursue every single day. 

Adopting the right technology is essential to create an equitable performance management system where you get to celebrate and honor the uniqueness of every individual through every daily experience.

In this respect, we suggest you change your mindset for next year and start seeing culture as behavior and equip yourself with the right tools to proactively respond to any possible challenge.

HR Technology Trend #3: Make the Invisible Visible

Teams located around the world are forcing companies to accelerate the implementation of new technologies in a more agile way to keep their teams connected and engaged.

The greatest challenge for 2022 is to adopt the right technology that truly fits the needs of organizations, employees, and the environment.


In a nutshell: Use technology to make the invisible visible.

Proactive Tips:

What’s the most valuable thing we can tell you about next year’s HR Trends? 2022 is going to be more emotionally and technologically demanding than ever. And the more effectively you integrate all the human information of your organization, the more successful you will be.

The HR trend for 2022 is to leverage the use of the right technology to enhance collaboration, digitize emotions, keep people connected, gain wider visibility, and drive more accurate real-time decisions for the benefit of your company and your employees.  

Becoming agile has already become the de facto goal of many companies’ digital transformation initiatives. Now, the challenge for 2022 is to use technology strategically to democratize information and empower your organizational culture.

2022 HR Trend #4: Prevent Attrition and Turnover

Remote work seems to be making it all too easy for employees to leave sooner than expected. When it comes to choosing their employers, work model, and organizational culture, employees have more options than ever, so retaining your top talent while responding to dynamic needs will be a great challenge in 2022.

Attrition can be a killer to teams’ morale, and the cost of employee turnover is higher than you might think. So we suggest you start planning the way to make a difference to your employees by building a strong team culture with a shared purpose that stands out from the competition.


Most people hired from February/March 2020 until now have never met their colleagues or leaders face to face. And companies that don’t start building their engagement bridge now are likely to face attrition and high turnover rates in 2022.

Once again, this brings us back to challenges 1, 2, and 3.  If you get to create an engaging team culture powered by the right technology, your employees will naturally become your cultural ambassadors and will choose your company over others every day. 

So What ‘s Next?

More than ever, hybrid and remote flexible organizations will require advanced technology to keep their culture agile, more human, and stronger. Make sure you have real-time visibility of your teams and keep them emotionally connected, engaged, productive,  and updated every day. 

If you get to accelerate your cultural transformation for 2022, you will make a difference and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Remember our specialists can offer you the guidance you need to tackle every HR trend for 2022 together and make your company culture shine in the years to come!


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