Introducing StarMeUp OS


February 20, 2018

We are thrilled to announce StarMeUp OS: the new operating system (OS) for the future of organizations.

The goal of StarMeUp has always been to help shape organizations of the future and empower employees.

During these times of rapid change, we know how important it is to put people at the center of the organization, for both themselves and the organization to thrive. Because we saw how powerful having a strong culture is, especially for companies going through growth and transformation, we evolved our offering to impact organizational culture in a more significant way.   

To better achieve this goal we have developed StarMeUp OS: an operating system made up of five smart applications built to help organizations with a digital transformation from the inside out.

StarMeUp OS suite comprises of five solutions: StarMeUp, BetterMe, BeThere, TakePart, and BriefMe. Grupo Santander, Havas Media, Nespresso, and Walmart are only some of the more than 40 companies who have adopted these applications.

Let’s take a look!

StarMeUp, our peer-to-peer recognition platform that strengthens the corporate culture and reinforces organizational values. For business leaders, it provides valuable insights in real time that allow them to identify employees that are positive influencers within their organization. Such data enables companies to gain a more accurate and measurable view of their organizational network dynamics.

Better-MeBetterMe allows employees to share real-time feedback with anyone within the organization, regardless of geographic location, department or level. For people managers, this provides an ongoing view of performance and continuous opportunities for improvement.

BeThere empowers employees to share their experiences with colleagues by providing them with a platform to share photos of significant moments and events. This allows employees to stay connected and informed in an engaging way, no matter where they are in the world.

TakePart is a space for employees to suggest and vote on new ideas that lead to more dynamic organizational changes – assisting in the effort to always include employees in organizational transformation.

BriefMeBriefMe is a platform ideal for communications teams to get the most critical information to employees at the right time through strategically located screens.

“We created StarMeUp OS to help companies successfully go through digital transformation. By fostering a culture that puts employees at the center of change, organizations build a space in which their teams feel empowered, and collaboration and knowledge sharing are inherently improved.” 

Guibert Englebienne, CTO and co-founder of Globant.

Our goal with StarMeup OS is to help employees overcome inherently human limitations and create a space where they can have more meaningful interactions, generating a richer experience and empowering employees to make even more significant contributions to their organizations.

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