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Achieve higher productivity by aligning your employee’s objectives with organizational goals, while providing real-time feedback to make sure targets are effectively met and helping your people feel like they are making an impact.


Employee Experience

Employee performance platform that provides clear goals and through real-time 360 feedback helps employees know what strengths they can best leverage to achieve their objectives.

Platform highlights

Dynamic employee evaluations, clear goals and real-time, 360° feedback, whether it’s spontaneous or requested, all in one place, to help you employees develop their career and exceed performance expectations.

People Analytics

Reporting and insights tailored to your organizational objectives, showing a clear view of the strongest competencies in the company, top performers, feedback behaviour (e.g. top down, peer-to-peer), 9 box and much more.

Key development challenges

BetterMe helps solve

Developing your expertise

Continuous pulse on performance

One of the biggest employee frustrations is not having clarity of how well they are performing.By getting ongoing feedback from colleagues it is easier for employees to have a holistic view of their performance in real-time.

Career Growth

Careers are becoming less traditional.Instead of guiding employees on how to get to the “next step”, we help them discover their strengths and passion, providing more insights for them to build their best career path.

Developing your expertise

With increased usage of AI and technologies evolving the skills sets people need to be successful in business is changing.This is why it is important to identify the areas employees need to develop and give them insights on how to do it more quickly.
Career Growth
Developing your expertise
Career Growth

Collaborative learning and development

The most effective learning happens when you dynamically leverage employees' knowledge and expertise across the organization.Drive learning and development through action-oriented feedback, from the individual to the team and organizational level.

Real-time reskilling

The rate of change has never been faster for the skills that are most in demand.Create a growth mindset culture where each employee helps others learn and grow through organic everyday interactions and feedback.