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Build an agile company where greater engagement and connectivity leads to improved productivity.


Employee Experience

Employee recognition platform that strengthens connections between them while giving more visibility to the unique strengths of individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Platform Highlight

Social recognition driven by values or competencies, celebration of milestones such as birthdays & anniversaries, and key indicators for your cultural influencers.

People Analytics

Measure your pulse from organizational to employee level, employee networks, engagement and participation, adoption of core values and employee attrition rate.

Key business challenges

StarMeUp insights help solve

Rapid Growth

Diversity & Inclusion

Are you creating a culture where your employees feel welcome to bring their own perspective?You can help individuals of all different backgrounds feel a greater sense of belonging by making sure they feel appreciated for their work.

Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the greatest challenges organizations face is integrating employees from acquired businesses into their culture.By seeing how well they are adopting your values, and how quickly they connect with others in the organization, you can make sure they are thriving in their new environment.


When your employees receive recognition from all corners of the organization, you create an atmosphere where they feel more appreciated for their work.Making sure they have positive relationships with their colleagues is a key way to get the best talent to stay.

Cultural Transformation

To succeed in business and to keep their best people, organizations need to digitally transform, but to do so effectively, they need to undergo a cultural transformation first.Communicating organizational values through recognition deepens the understanding of how well your workforce is truly internalizing them.

Rapid Growth

Keep the true spirit of your culture as the number of your employees grows.Connecting digital recognition to company values is a powerful reminder of what the organization stands for.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Rapid Growth
Mergers & Acquisitions

Keep it culturaland make it digital

Leverage technology to help you builda positive work environment where people feel valued, passionate and committed.

Achievecultural transformation

A strong culture empowersyou to more effectively drive innovation and create an agile organization to help address changes in a proactive manner.